WASHINGTON, D.C.January 14, 2020 – The Montgomery Strategies Group (TMSG) – a full-service reputation management, crisis and litigation communications, public affairs, and marketing agency – today highlighted the need for public and private companies alike to continue their engagement with legislators and regulators across the full range of their issues of interest, and to not be deterred by the macro-level focus on the 2020 election.


“While the media, activists, and interest groups will naturally gravitate to focusing on the election, sustained engagement with key stakeholders, including regulators and legislators should continue to be a key strategic priority,” Michael W. Robinson, TMSG Chairman and CEO, said. “Too often, organizations become paralyzed ahead of consequential elections and fall behind in their efforts to advance their priorities. It’s worth paraphrasing the adage that slow and steady progress is the best way to win the marathon.”


TMSG, its teams, and affiliates are all senior communications, corporate, government, and media executives, with decades of experience. With its emphasis on direct senior-level counsel and, critically, execution by vertically-integrated teams, the firm distinguishes itself with the results it achieves for its clients.


The firm provides proven depth in a number of industries, with a particular focus on financial services, banking, and tax; healthcare and medical devices; consumer-facing industries; data privacy, cyber breach, and technology policy; as well as global trade and supply chain issues.


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