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Very smart and effective -- as you'd expect from Apple -- communications and regulatory approach. Privacy protection is coming, best to help shape it than be shaped by it. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should implement a new framework that increases transparency around companies that handle user [...]

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The Immense Value of Reputation

It takes a lot to build a brand with the strength and duration of Warren Buffett's. It takes time, continuous cultivation, and proven results. Slow and steady wins this race. In October 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett made a late-night phone call to then-Treasury Secretary Henry [...]

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Elon Musk on 60 Minutes

Generally speaking, it's never a good idea to attack your regulator -- repeatedly. Hard to see how this ends well. Elon Musk tells 60 Minutes he doesn't respect the Securities and Exchange Commission,  but says he's only abiding by the terms of a settlement he made with the SEC because "I respect the justice [...]

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The Five Most Common Mistakes Of Board Directors

Clear, concise communication is hard – especially the ability to articulate strategy crisply. Keep the word count low, and the communication direct. Often, the more you talk, the less you have to say. Forbes: Kevin Sharer knows a thing or two about serving on boards. During his 12-year tenure as CEO of Amgen, and [...]

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This Unforgettable Story of a Southwest Pilot’s Response to a Late, Frazzled Passenger Is a Master Class in Leadership

The value of a strong corporate reputation – for internal and external stakeholders. Before I point out a leadership trait I find glaringly missing, context for this story is important. I need to turn back the clock to an unfortunate, gut-wrenching event that demonstrates the human side of leadership. It was January 4, 2011. Two-year-old Caden [...]

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Two old friends meet for a cup of tea and discover they share a problem

A well done and tell timed ad that communicates a simple, core message. Note, there is almost no dialogue (and none needed). Powerful images. Video Link:

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Loses Bonus And Stock Award Over Security Breach

Another object lesson of the importance of timely, clear, and decisive communications -- and of the cost for failing to do so... March 2, 2017 – CEO Marissa Mayer will not be paid her annual bonus, and will not receive a stock award after a Yahoo Inc. investigation found that two security breaches at the [...]

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