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Michael W. Robinson joins Elizabeth Sedlock and Stephanie Ortbals-Tibbs to examine the firestorm that has devastated Anheuser-Busch’s reputation, brand, market share, and stock price. In the inaugural edition of a new series on marketing, communications, and branding called “The Observation Deck.” […]

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Michael W. Robinson Joins IPO Edge’s Forum For Discussion on “The SPAC Commandments.”

The SEC and Elizabeth Warren have SPACs in their crosshairs, but what will the final rules be? And what are the implications for growth companies in particular? To answer these questions and more, IPO Edge and The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association hosted a virtual forum featuring leading market participants and capital markets advisors. The [...]

Michael W. Robinson Interviewed On Cyber Risks & Crisis Management/Communications

Montgomery Strategies Chairman & CEO explores the new SEC cybersecurity requirements from the communications, brand, and regulatory management perspective and more.

Montgomery Strategies Group CEO Michael W. Robinson on Embracing Washington in 2022 at Palm Beach CorpGov Forum

Washington Is Here To Help – Really By: Michael W. Robinson For the singular macro-level issue that will hover over corporate governance decision making in 2022, thanks are due to former President Ronald Reagan for his prophetic admonition that “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m here [...]

The 2021 Palm Beach CorpGov Forum – Report with Video Highlights

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association and Nasdaq, Inc. hosted the first Palm Beach CorpGov Forum on Sept. 30 for an in-person event featuring investors, attorneys and other advisors who have consulted on board intelligence and the most prominent activism campaigns in recent years. Below are video highlights from the event, along with spotlight [...]

Reputation Management: Top Takeaways for Private Company Directors

September 5, 2021 Chris Clark conducts interviews with leading corporate directors and subject matter experts for NACD Private Company Directorship, a bi-weekly e-publication about private company board leadership and governance best practices, on critical issues from ESG, crisis communications, and cyber-resiliency to succession planning and board composition. Here, he interviews Michael W. Robinson, Chair & [...]

In Corona Times, Talk to Employees Often and Be Honest

Covid-19 has given companies a host of external communications challenges, but internal comms may be just as important—and more fraught. What do you tell employees about how the outbreak is affecting your business, your customers, and your suppliers? When should you be talking, and when should you stay quiet? We asked crisis communications professionals [...]

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