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Montgomery Strategies Group CEO Michael W. Robinson on Embracing Washington in 2022 at Palm Beach CorpGov Forum

Washington Is Here To Help – Really By: Michael W. Robinson For the singular macro-level issue that will hover over corporate governance decision making in 2022, thanks are due to former President Ronald Reagan for his prophetic admonition that “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m here [...]

The 2021 Palm Beach CorpGov Forum – Report with Video Highlights

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association and Nasdaq, Inc. hosted the first Palm Beach CorpGov Forum on Sept. 30 for an in-person event featuring investors, attorneys and other advisors who have consulted on board intelligence and the most prominent activism campaigns in recent years. Below are video highlights from the event, along with spotlight [...]

Reputation Management: Top Takeaways for Private Company Directors

September 5, 2021 Chris Clark conducts interviews with leading corporate directors and subject matter experts for NACD Private Company Directorship, a bi-weekly e-publication about private company board leadership and governance best practices, on critical issues from ESG, crisis communications, and cyber-resiliency to succession planning and board composition. Here, he interviews Michael W. Robinson, Chair & [...]

In Corona Times, Talk to Employees Often and Be Honest

Covid-19 has given companies a host of external communications challenges, but internal comms may be just as important—and more fraught. What do you tell employees about how the outbreak is affecting your business, your customers, and your suppliers? When should you be talking, and when should you stay quiet? We asked crisis communications professionals [...]

What Happens When a Company Loses a $2 Billion Lawsuit

Earlier this week, a California jury awarded a couple a $2 billion verdict against Monsanto, the agrochemical and agricultural giant. The couple brought a lawsuit against the company, claiming their cancer was caused due to decades of exposure to its weed killer, Roundup. Monsanto intends to appeal the judgment. This latest mega lawsuit comes [...]

Consumer-Facing Crises: a Special Challenge – O’Dwyer’s Magazine

Without question, 2016 was a year full of memorable — or, infamous depending on your point of view — crises. For many of the companies and their leaders who found themselves under the uncomfortable glare of the klieg lights — the well- known names now include Chipotle, VW (a carryover from 2015), Theranos, Wells [...]

The Top 12 Crises Of 2016 – The Holmes Report

The Holmes Report kicks off our annual analysis of the year's biggest crises:   2. Mylan raises EpiPen prices  It’s hard to imagine a more disturbing lead-in than the one that opened an NBC report on Mylan’s life-saving anti-allergy device EpiPen. "The cost of saving your child's life has gotten a lot more expensive." As if that [...]

Keeping Cool In A Crisis – American University

On Thursday, December 1, AU’s chapter of PRSSA was rocked with a crisis. …a crisis simulation that is. Michael W. Robinson, CEO of The Montgomery Strategies Group, came in to show us how critical it is to react appropriately in a crisis. In the world of crisis communications, it is a matter of when a crisis will [...]

Is Apple’s Denial To Unlock Shooter’s iPhone Hurting Its Image? – NPR

David Greene talks to Michael Robinson, the managing director of communications and advising firm ICR, about how Apple's standoff with the Justice Department is affecting its image. DAVID GREENE, HOST: You might say the case is one of privacy versus security - or in another sense, it's Apple versus the U.S. government. We're talking [...]

Washington and Crisis, A Unique Relationship – O’Dwyer’s Magazine

Crisis communications and Congressional hearings are inevitably intertwined, proving the adage that the most dangerous place to be in Washington is between a politician and a TV camera. The recent testimony by Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Michael Horn is a case in point. In addition to the inevitable picture of the [...]