We provide a full suite of reputation, corporate, capital markets, and advocacy communications and engagement – with a difference. The strategies we employ and the counsel we provide are customized for every client and deeply rooted in stakeholder engagement that drives enduring results and impact

Importantly, we help our clients to see clearly, speak authentically, and act decisively. Our integrated structure creates an approach that is simultaneously strategic and staffed by the right team of experts to deliver effective solutions for every client.

Corporate Reputation & Brand Awareness

A vibrant corporate reputation is critical for every enterprise. Through our 360o engagement program, we distill a company’s differentiation – and then enhance its profile and reputation to proactively articulate its desired narrative through strategic stakeholder engagement.

Crisis & Litigation Communications

With a reputation built on successfully navigating some of the most daunting crises of the last two decades, we provide senior-level crisis communications representation in times of intense media scrutiny, public anger, and political focus. We use the lens of our experience to put in place a proven three-part approach: prepare for challenges and crisis issues before they occur, be well structured and organized should such events materialize, and manage the ensuing crisis effectively in order to minimize its impact and speed reputational recovery.

Financial Communications & Transactions

Our Wall Street roots enable us to help our clients secure their goals in the financial markets and with the media that cover them. We understand the full scope of what drives value in the investment community. We guide our clients through all types of transaction communications, from M&As to IPOs to private financings. Importantly, we also leverage our policy expertise and relationships to secure antitrust, regulatory, CFIUS, and other necessary approvals so that our clients can close their transactions on time and without costly divestitures.

Media Engagement

Through our deep relationships and understanding of the media, we drive positive and ongoing media coverage to tell the stories our clients want told, via the full range of national, business/financial, trade, Inside The Beltway, grassroots, and social media.

Presentation Training & Media Coaching

We put our corporate and media experience to work and enable our clients to powerfully own, and effectively deliver, their desired narrative. As distinct from simple showmanship consulting, we help our clients develop the right messages, targeted to the right stakeholders, and then deliver them persuasively.

Professional Service Firm Credentialing

Reputation – especially for a professional service firm – is often the difference between success and failure. We take our deep background in law, accounting, and consulting firm reputation development and deployment and customize it to emphasize a professional service firm’s unique qualities to differentiate itself in the marketplace and generate added business as a result.

Public Affairs & Regulatory Advocacy

At a time when national, state, and local elected officials and regulators have the power to impact – for better or worse – an organization’s reputation and future, the need for relentless engagement is acute. We build and implement strategic campaigns that help our clients achieve their business objectives in the public policy arena. From the alliances we build to the empirical research we employ to the lobbyists with whom we partner, we condition the public environment to create the political atmosphere that enables our clients to succeed.